June 21, 2012

Say it 'Click'

Finally I’m posting my bento again. Yeheiiiii….. Last night, my friend asked me to make her a bento about a boy taking a picture with his camera. I opened some of my bento books and found out about requested theme in Hippomum’s book. I changed the camera into Dslr..xixixi..  Hopefully my friend will enjoy the bento. ^^

June 19, 2012

Birthday and Baptismal Cupcakes

Cupcakes.. I don’t know why, I really love to bake them. Sometimes I make them for my friend’s birthday or any other special occasion. 

Like today’s post, I made 2 kinds of cupcakes for my 2 special friends, which one of them is for the birthday and the other is for Baptismal.  

The Birthday Girl  really loves Minnie Mouse, so I made Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcakes. The Mickey and Minnie figurine are rubber toys, but the other toppers are made from gum paste.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Cupcakes

  Mickey and Minnie Mouse?

Rainbow cakes?

For the flower shape ‘rainbow cake’ base, I used decorative bento cutter and you can find it in the Bento USA 

There are other 12 other shapes you can make, by mix and match the cutter.

For the baptismal, I made baby theme. I used gumpaste to make all of the toppers.

I really enjoy doing this kind of things… It’s one of my stress reliever

Btw, I really miss doing my bento for Elaine and I hope I have the chance to make some within these 2 weeks. ;)