February 28, 2011

I'm Back...

After 1 week not doing any bento, today i tried to make one for Elaine. I still have my cough until now, the doctor gave me antibiotics for it, hopefully the medicine will help.

Elaine was so happy to see her bento today, i could see it from her expression. First time she saw it, she said: "Ribbit..Ribbit..". So, i think everybody already know what is today's bento. :)

Inside the box: Rice with green peas, chicken and tofu with sweet soy sauce, chikuwa, broccoli, carrot.

February 21, 2011

Lazy Ladybug

I just made simple bento for Elaine today, because i'm not feeling well. We moved to a new apartment last Saturday, so i had to unpacked and rearranged many things. Elaine kept on disturbing me that day, so her papa took her to the mall for half day. It was an effective way, i could work faster. My body is protesting now, i have cough and cold again. Sigh.. 

Back to bento.. I made ladybug bento for Elaine, but i ran out of nori today. I used software to edit the ladybug. hehe..

Inside the box: rice, broccoli, carrot, soto ayam ( Indonesian chicken soup ), potato verkedel. I put the soup in a separate bowl. The flowers was store bought sugar paste, usually i use them to decorate a cake.

February 18, 2011

I'm the real piggy

After disguised itself as a cat and a puppy, finally the pig is uncovered the mask. :)

Elaine had field trip today and i made this bento for her lunch. We visited Gardenia bread plant, Lucky Me noodles plant and had boat ride in Nuvali. She really enjoyed her trip and asked me to comeback again someday. Her appetite at lunch time was not so good today, she only ate 5 spoon of her lunch. After arrived at home, i made her a bowl of mee sua with egg for dinner and she could finished it all.

Have a nice weekend everyone..

February 17, 2011

Pikachu ??

When Elaine took a bath yesterday, she kept on asking for pikachu, it turns out she saw her pikachu toothpaste on the shelf. After she got her toothpaste, she said: " Eat pikachu..makan pikachu." Makan means eat in Bahasa. So, today i tried to make pikachu for her lunch and the result was not as cute as pikachu. When i asked her what it is, she could describe it as Pikachu. Fiuhhh...It's a relief. :)

Inside the box: rice, butter garlic prawn, broccoli, and carrot.

February 16, 2011


This morning, Elaine and i saw a cat on the way to her school and she said: "Kitty...Kitty..Miaw..Miaw..". Sometimes she gives me ideas to make her bento for the day, so for today i made her Kitty Musubi Bento. This Kitty Musubi was inspired from Susan Yuen's bento book again ( I really...really... love her idea for making kids bentos ). Inside the box: rice, chopsuey, pork char siu. I never put fruits in Elaine's bento, because she usually eats the fruit later one or two hours after her lunch.

February 15, 2011

Smiling Whales

Elaine is learning about animals nowadays, i want to introducing one of the sea animals today. When she saw her lunch, she said it was fish. Yes, she was right but then i told her that it was a whale. I think it's more fun to learn from bento. :)

Inside the box: rice, cheese, fried potato braised with sweet soy sauce, quail eggs, stir fry vegetables.

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day all..

Today Elaine gave me her handmade Valentine's card when i picked her up from school, and she said "I love you, mama.."  I was touched at that time, so sweet... Her teacher must be asked her to do that. lol

I made panda bento for her today, it wasn't ready yet when she got back from school. So it was a quick bento again and glad that she could describe it was a panda. :)

Inside the box: rice, tofu and chicken, sausage, broccoli, cauliflower, young corn, carrot.

February 13, 2011

My Baking Experiences

Today i won't post about bento, but i will post some pictures of my other hobby. 

My other new hobby is baking, it began in 2009 because someday on November 2009, my husband and I really craving for Lapis Surabaya which is not available in Philippines. So, we bought hand mixer and the ingredients needed to make the cake and used it on  the next day. Because i didn't have any experience in baking and using hand mixer, i overdid the mixer it and it became broken. Luckily the mixer was still guaranteed, so we could change it into the new one. The cake was a mess, we could not eat it at all. After the incident, i became very desperate about baking.

In 2010, i started to bake again. This time i tried to make cupcakes, because it seemed more simple than Lapis Surabaya. First trial was success and my confidence in baking arose again since that moment.

Here are my cupcakes pictures.

Finally, i could make my own Lapis Surabaya. First time knew it was success, i felt really really happy. :)

On August 2010, i baked Elaine's  2nd Birthday Cake. I used Lapis Surabaya for the cake and covered it with fondant. It was my first time to bake a birthday cake and deal with fondant.

I also tried to bake other cake.

My second birthday cake for my daughter's friend.

For the conclusion: BAKING is FUN.

February 11, 2011

In A Rush Bear Bento

Today i didn't have plan to make bento, because i thought Elaine had field trip today. In the morning, i went to her school brought my backpack filled with Elaine's stuff but the field trip was canceled and i had to wait at school until the teacher came. I went home and prepared El's lunch, so i just prepared her simple bento. In the box : Fried rice, sausage, boiled egg, broccoli, stir fry kabocha, crab claw.

The air is very hot here, how is the weather at your place?

February 10, 2011

Pucca Bento

Today i made Pucca Bento for Elaine's lunch. Never thought it would be easy to make Pucca from rice, just mould 3 rice ( 1 for the head and 2 for the hair ) and cover it with nori. :)

Inside the box: rice, sweet and sour pork with vegetables, cauliflower, carrot, broccoli.

February 9, 2011

Speedy Mickey Mouse

As usual, this morning i went to Elaine's school and there was a book fair. I saw mickey mouse activity book on the shelf and i instantly inspired to make mickey's lunch bento for Elaine. Elaine really likes Mickey Mouse and friends since she was a baby, the third word came out from her mouth was Kaka. She was trying to pronounce Mickey, but turns out to be Kaka. Although it was not fully figured mickey, but she could notice it was Mickey. hehe..

Inside the box: Rice, sole fish teriyaki, potato verkedel, broccoli, corn, young corn, carrot.

February 8, 2011

Love Angels

Valentine's day is around the corner, many bloggers already posted their valentine's theme bento. Today, i'd like to join the crowd by making Valentine's lunch bento for Elaine, so i made two angels who are ready to spread the love to everyone. Be prepared, maybe they will come to you.. :)

Inside the box: rice, Indonesian stewed chicken ( Semur Ayam ), cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, boiled kabocha, quail egg.

February 7, 2011

Doraemon and Hello Kitty Bento

This morning, i woke up late, so i was in a rush to make breakfast for my husband. One thing in my mind was to make Doraemon sandwich, i did not why i had that idea. Before Elaine went to school, she looked at her papa's breakfast and said: "Wow, Doraemon bread.. Hello Kitty for Elaine."  Thanks for the idea, darling.. So mama made Hello Kitty bento for Elaine. :)

Papa's breakfast for today

Inside the box: turkey sandwich

Elaine's lunch for today

Inside the box: Rice, chicken balls, sausage, carrot, stir fry spinach with garlic, corn.

February 3, 2011

Gong Xi... Gong Xi..

Gong Xi...Gong Xi...

Happy Lunar Year, everybody..

I miss my family in Indonesia at this moment, usually we will go to visit our relatives to greet them. There will be many food and cakes will be offered, such as lapis surabaya, lapis legit, nastar, kastangel..hmmm.. yummy..

Talking about kastengel and nastar cookies, my mom used to make them by herself  2 weeks before Chinese New Year and i usually helped her to shape it. It was fun to do that and i missed that moment a lot.

Today is just a regular day in Philippines, people goes to office and children goes to school as usual. It is also just a regular day for me, so today i made bento lunch for Elaine. The theme was still connected with Chinese New Year, yes... i made Bunny bento again for her.

Inside the box: Bunny rice onigiri, crunchy sole fish fillet, quail egg, carrot, broccoli.

February 2, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Xin Nian Kuai Le 

Shen Ti Jian Kang

Wan Shi Ru Yi

Today i made smiley face bento theme for my husband's breakfast and Elaine's lunch. Why smiley face? Because tomorrow is Chinese New Year, so everybody should be happy. Hopefully the following year will be more togetherness, happiness, blessings, and of course.... creativeness in bento making.

This was my husband's breakfast, he told me that he doesn't like to eat fruit in the morning, so i did not include fruit in his breakfast today. Maybe someday i will try to put some again. :)

Inside the box: smiley turkey sandwich and homemade neopolitan pudding. There is Vla inside Stitch container.

For Elaine, i made chinese girl bento which was inspired from Susan Yuen's book.

Inside the box: Onigiri Rice, Spanish Mackerel Siomay, broccoli. carrot, young corn, cherry tomato.

Tonight, we went to my friend's house to celebrate Chinese New Year by having dinner together. There were three families and each family brought some food for our dinner. I brought Mie Goreng (Fried Nooddles), Spanish Mackerel Siomay, and Neopolitan Pudding.

 Mie Goreng


Our menu for Chinese New Year dinner
 (Asparagus soup, siomay with peanut sauce, mie goreng, pork barbeque, egg with balinese spice, fish crackers )

Actually this was yesterday's bento, i made bear and his friend bento theme for Elaine. At first, i would like to put some pork floss on top of the rice, but it became scattered so i cover it with bear cheese. :)

Inside the box: rice, cheese, cucumber, scrambled egg with sweet soy sauce, carrot, asparagus, broccoli, cherry tomato.