April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Congratulation, William and Kate!

Inside the box: rice and egg sheet for the decoration. In the other box: pork and egg stew, stir fry green beans, egg flower.

April 28, 2011

Hello Kitty and Bear

Another episode of Hello Kitty and Bear. Today i tried my new rice mould that arrived last Monday, first it was difficult to use the mould because the rice kept on sticking to it, so i had to soak it to water before put the rice inside it. :)

Inside the box: rice, chicken and shrimp balls, sausages, stir fry vermicelli, corn, stir fry bok coy, carrot.

I made one more lunch box for Elaine's classmate and his sister with same onigiri shape as hers. I hope they enjoyed their lunch.

I was excited last monday, because my new bento tools had arrived. :)

My puncher collection, the newbie are carla craft mini puncher face expression. :)

April 25, 2011

Sad Bunny

On Easter day, we went to mall and there were bunnies there. Elaine really loves them, she even wanted to touch them but she couldn't reach them and on the way home she always said wants to play with rabbit. So today, i made bunny bento for her lunch. At first, i don't intended to make the sad one, but there is no time to change the expression again, because i had to pick her up at her school. When she saw her lunch, she ignored about the expression and she looks happy when she found out what her lunch today. ^.^

Inside the box: rice, beef malbi, quail eggs, broccoli, carrot, stir fry chinese cabbage.

April 20, 2011

Polar Bear

Hello.. It's been a while since my last post, i had flu and cough again and this time is the worst. *sigh*. I hope all of my bento friends are doing fine. :)

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Holy Week's holiday and we still don't have any plan to go somewhere, hopefully the holiday's idea will pop up soon or...maybe just take some rest at home. :)
Today i made bear bento for Elaine and she said it was a polar bear. :)

Inside the box: rice, sweet and sour fish, sausages, kabocha, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot.

I tried to learn how to make snoopy from quail eggs yesterday, it was adapted from shopppingmum's website It was easy to made, because there is a step by step tutorial there. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, shoppingmum's. :)

April 13, 2011

Hello, Bird..

Elaine gave me idea to make her bento lunch today. When we were walking on the way to her school, she said:"Mama, it's a bird's sound. Cuit..cuit.." and after a while she said:"Mama, i love the bird's sound". She gives me lots of idea recently and i'm thankful for that. So this morning, i made bird bento lunch for her and ishe smiled when she saw it. :)

Inside the box: rice, cheese, stir fry vegetables, fish and tofu in black bean sauce.

April 12, 2011


Today i made 2 identical bento box for Elaine's teachers. At first, i just want to ask them to try my 'Tortang Talong' dish but then came up the idea to make bento for them. I hope they enjoyed their lunch today. :)

Inside the box: pig rice onigiri, sausages, chicken nugget, tortang talong, broccoli, carrot.

Maybe many of you is wondering what Tortang Talong is? Tortang Talong is one of  the Philippine's food, it is made from grilled eggplant, ground pork and egg. Actually this is one of my favorite food here, so i'm trying to make one today. 

Oops..bad pictures today.. I was too lazy to charge my camera battery yesterday so today i had to take pictures in a rush, racing with the signal light. :)

April 11, 2011

White Piglet

First time Elaine saw her lunch, she asked :"Why the piglet is white, mama? I think the piglet is sick". I never thought she would ask me the question, so i replied her : "Yes, Elaine. The piglet is sick, so you have to check up on her." So, she brought her stethoscope toy and checked the piglet before she ate her lunch today. :)

Inside the box: rice, stir fry beef, tofu with furikake, broccoli, carrot.

April 7, 2011

Angry Birds

Actually this is my real face expression today because Elaine refused to eat her breakfast and i had to persuade her. This morning she only drink a cup of milk and few spoon of misoa. After came back from school, she refused to eat her rice at lunch, so she only ate the fried bihon, broccoli and chicken roll. but when it times to eat shrimp crackers, she eat very fast. Hopefully tomorrow it won't happen again.

In the box: rice, chicken roll, fried bihon, and broccoli.

April 6, 2011

Baso Tahu Kuah

I didn't make any bento today because after drop off Elaine at her school, i had to go to embassy to renew my passport. I cooked 'Baso Tahu Kuah' because my husband requested it last night. 'Baso Tahu Kuah' is tofu topped with the combination of chicken or pork and shrimp with chicken stock as the soup.

April 5, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

First time Elaine saw this, she directly sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and she ate her lunch after finished singing the song.

The weather in Philippines is really strange nowadays, in one day it could be very hot, windy, cloudy and raining. No wonder many people get sicks, especially cough and cold. Hopefully bento friends are not affected by this bad weather condition.

Inside the box: fried rice,cheese, crispy sole fillet, ham rolls with carrot stuffing, broccoli.

April 4, 2011

Power Up Mushroom

It's Mario Bros' power up mushroom! Is anybody still remember about it? My husband is a Mario Bros' Fan, he still playing the games until today. Recently, Elaine become very interested in the games, she likes the mushroom and always asked her papa to get the mushroom. So, today i'd like to surprise her with her lunch and i was right..she was really excited when she saw it.

Inside the box: rice, 'telur sembunyi', fried potato, carrot, broccoli

I cooked  'Telur Sembunyi' ( Hidden Egg ) for today's menu, i was very curious when i saw the title in the internet. So..it's just a boiled egg wrapped in ground meat. :)