July 18, 2013

BeeDoo..BeeDoo..BeeDoo...It's Minnion Bento!

Finally..Finally.. I make bento again for my daughter! This time, I make Minnions which I loooveeee very much. They are so cute.. The minions words that I remember are BeeDoo..BeeDoo..Beedoo and Underwear.. hahahaha

The Minnions were made from mashed potato, turned out so hard to handle. Its so fragile, maybe I have to put less milk and wait until it cold before mould it. The shape is not good though, but my daughter very excited when she found out whats her lunch for today. O ya.. She doesnt like mashed potato before, but when she found out they are Minnions mashed potato, she eat it. Yeheeeiii

As you know, McDonalds Happy Meal this time is Minnions theme also, they are sold out very fast. I only managed to collect 7 of them. They are so cuteeee!


July 12, 2013

Chocolate Speculaas Cookies

Speculaas is one of my favorites cookies. I love the taste, the smell of the spices in it. My mother in law gave me the speculaas roller stamp last year and I was very excited at that time. She told me that  she got it from her friend who stays in Holland. Thank you so much, mom.

Yesterday, I made Speculaas while waiting for my daughter to come home from her school. It turned out very easy to bake it and eggless too. I used the recipe from NCC recipe book which I twist a little bit and put cocoa powder in it.

So here is the recipe:

Canarium Nut Speculaas
250 gr Cake Flour ( I change into 220 gr Cake Flor and 30 gr Cocoa Powder )
100 gr Palm Sugar
125 gr Butter
1 tbs Spekkoek Powder
2 tbs milk
50 gr chopped canarium Nut or almond or cashew nut

1. Cream butter and sugar until mixed thoroughly, put in the flour, cocoa and other ingredients until the  dough can be rolled out.
2. Rolled out the dough around 3-5mm thickness, cut using desired cookie cutter. I used roller stamp for this. Put the cut dough on the cookies sheet. Don’t forget to put parchment paper on it.
3. Baked in 150 celcius degrees for 30 minutes ( Me: check after 20 minutes ). If already done, take out from the cookie sheet and put the cookies on the cooling rack.

Tips from me: Before doing Step 2, put the dough in the refrigerator until the dough easy enough to be rolled out.

Well, I’m a first timer using the roller stamp, so pardon me for the “not so good” shape..hihihi.. I need to have more date with it. :p

If you are curious about the roller stamp that I mentioned above, here is the picture: