January 31, 2011

Elephant and Cinnamon Roll Bento

I woke up earlier today, because i had to prepare breakfast and lunch for my husband. Today his car's plate number is color coding, usually he goes together with his friend to the office every monday but today he has something to do earlier in the office. I just cooked simple breakfast and lunch for him because i still have to prepare and send Elaine to school.

I made onigiri bread for my husband's breakfast, i stuffed mayo pork floss inside the bread. As for his lunch, i made him elephant theme bento.

Inside the box : rice, elephant made from kani,leaves from cucumber.

Inside the other box : chicken nugget, crab claw, broccoli, stir fry carrot and corn, and actually there is also tamagoyaki. 

For Elaine, i  made her Cinnamon Roll lunch bento but it still out of shape.

Inside the box: rice, grilled sole fish, broccoli, tamagoyaki, cherry tomato.


Actually  today i'm posting yesterday's bento. Yesterday, i just stayed at home so i made bento lunch for elaine. Last Friday, i went to supermarket for groceries shopping and i bought a box of quail egg, so first thing came to my mind was to make a bee from it.

I made the bee bento almost 1.5 hrs, because Elaine kept on disturbing me. Sometimes she said she wanted to go to the bathroom, asked me to play with her, to took some picture of her, and she played with my bento tools when she get bored with her toys.

Back to the bento.. here it is...

Inside the box: rice, quail egg, kani, egg, sausage, homemade chicken nugget, chikuwa, broccoli, asparagus, young corn.

Today, we went to a birthday party so we had lunch there. After that, we went to mall to buy some bento tools. The shop name is Saizen, i think it's like 100 Yen shop, the price there is Php 85/ item ( equal to USD 2 /item ). Lots of bento tools there, but i only bought some.

I bought the frog lunch box in another store, there are three more smaller boxes in the largest one. The price is around Php 60 ( equal to USD 1.5 )


Yes..that is my daughter, Elaine, the insect fans..She kept on asking me to take some picture of her before she went to sleep. :)

Good night, everyone...

January 28, 2011


Elaine loves to talk about insects nowadays, the most frequently said are cockroach, butterfly, spider, and ladybug. I really hate cockroach, sometimes she pretends that she find it and shout loudly, and oftenly i shocked. 

Today i made butterflies and flowers bento for her lunch ( hopefully she won't ask me to make cockroach bento for her..yiyyy..)

Inside the box : ground pork with sweet soysauce, scrambled egg, rice ( underneath egg and pork ), carrot, cucumber, broccoli, corn, cheese, and nori.

For my husband, i made tuna mayo sandwich for his breakfast (tuna mayo already become his favorite now).

January 27, 2011

Singing Penguins

Last night, my daughter told me that she wanted to sing with penguins. I was surprised why suddenly she said that, maybe she watched Pororo and friends in the afternoon.  This morning i did not have much time to make Pororo, so i made ordinary penguins for her lunch today. Even though it was not Pororo, she was very excited when she found out what she had for her lunch today.

Inside the box:  Rice onigiri, steamed tofu, garlic butter prawn, broccoli, sauted carrot and corn, cherry tomato.

As for my husband's breakfast, i made him chocolate sandwich. I used my new bento cutter.. :)  Drive safely, papa..

Looks like toddler's breakfast bento, right? :D

January 26, 2011

Twin Bunnies

Today, i made three breakfast bento, the other two were for my husband's officemate who came from Jakarta last night. I made the bento to show them my thankfulness because they brought me some bento tools that i ordered in Jakarta.

For my husband's officemate, i made them tuna sandwich with flower shape sausages, boiled corn, and some pear.

As for my husband, he got noodles with butterflies carrot, sausages, scrambled egg, some pear.

And here are my new bento tools.

Elaine had Bunnies bento for her lunch today, she directly went to dining table when she got home from school. Nowadays, she is very curious about her lunch, and always ask with funny face:"What is that??"

Inside the box: bunny onigiri, chicken with sesame seed, tamagoyaki, cherry tomato, carrot, broccoli, kamaboko.

January 25, 2011

My Melody Wanna Be

Last night, i had an idea to make My Melody bento for Elaine's lunch. So, this morning i copied the pattern from her eating utensils case to parchment paper and cut it into several part.

Inside the box:  rice with egg, Indonesian beef bistek, carrot, young corn, green bean

My melody was made from eggsheet, nori, and tiny piece of  young corn for the nose.

As for my husband's breakfast, i made him bear sandwich. Cute isn't it? :)

Inside the box: chocolate spread sandwich, strawberry rolls, some apples

January 24, 2011


I prepared egg mayo sandwich for my husband's breakfast today and using bread mould to shape it.

Elaine really likes her book "Bath time for Biscuit" . Biscuit is a dog's name, and he is a cute brown dog. So, today i tried to make dog's bento for Elaine's lunch. Woof..Woof..

Inside the box: rice, chicken balls, broccoli, young corn, carrot, kani (underneath carrots), cherry tomato, chocolate chip ( for the nose ), and nori.

January 23, 2011

From Panda With Love

Today i made Elaine's favorite food and animal. Yes..she likes bihon and panda :) I made panda from fish cake, nori and kani. She smiled when she saw her lunch box and i'm very happy with that.

Inside the box: Fried bihon with chicken, shrimp, egg and carrot.

January 21, 2011

Chicky Chick

I made tuna mayo mini sandwich for my husband's bento today because there was leftover tuna from yesterday. Just cut the bread with small circle cutter and put cheese on top of it.

And for Elaine, i made her chick rice...

Inside the box: rice, carrot, nori, pork floss, crispy sole fillet, curry tofu, sausages and green bean ( underneath sausages)

January 20, 2011

Hello Kitty for Elaine

As usual, i made breakfast bento for my husband. My husband doesn't like fish very much, but today i packed him tuna mayo sandwich, korean pear and cherry tomato. This morning, i opened tuna spread from one brand but i was so surprised why the shape was like a thin paste and the color was dark brown. I already knew my husband would not like it, luckily i still have tuna flakes from another brand, so i sauteed it in the pan and mixed it with mayo. When i asked him whether he liked the sandwich or not, he said yes..fiuhh...

When i made my husband's breakfast, i tried to figure out what will i make for Elaine's lunch? While i put the tuna mayo inside the bread, i saw Elaine's Hello Kitty  toy on the table and yes..i've got an idea.. I will make Hello Kitty lunch for her.
Because i don't have Hello Kitty mould, so i mould the rice using cling wrap, it's still out of shape but Elaine was satisfied with the result and she could describe it as Hello Kitty. ;)

Inside the yellow box: rice, cheese, eggsheet, nori, broccoli, carrot, steamed tofu

In the bowl: Indonesian style braised beef and potato

January 19, 2011

Me and My Teddy Bear

I made Spam and lettuce sandwich for my husband's breakfast, just put some barrans and food picks for the decoration. It was simple and beautiful :D

For my daughter, i made her bear onigiri because last night she requested it. After went back from school, she found out that i made bear lunch for her and she was very excited. :)

Inside the box : rice with soy sauce, cheese, nori, raisin, broccoli, carrot, kabocha, cherry tomato
In the bowl : red bean soup with pork

January 18, 2011

Whose Doraemon is that ?

I made rolled bread with chocolate and strawberry jam for my husband's breakfast today. I put fruit in his box using wood skewer because i don't have long food picks.

Elaine is still sick today, so i tried to make her feeling better by giving her Mickey Mouse bread shape for her breakfast. While she ate the bread, she said:"Eat doraemon, please.." It looked like a challenge for me, because i never made it. I searched the picture in the internet and tried to make one, and the result is...

It was Green Doraemon..Hahaha.. The doraemon made from eggsheet, but i used a whole egg and put blue coloring, no wonder the color turned into green..silly me.. 

My husband came home earlier this afternoon, i thought he would had lunch at home, but he asked me to packed him his lunch, so i made simple bento for him.

Inside the box: Rice, Steamed Vegetables (Pecel Sayur), Peanut Sauce, Fried Tofu ( Tahu Tegal ).

January 17, 2011

Mary Had A Little Lamb 2

My daughter is sick today, she had cough and cold so she didn't go to school. Today i cook chicken porridge for her because yesterday she asked me to cook it for her. She lost her appetite, but she really tried to eat her portion. Mama very proud of you, girl..

Yesterday, we watched Sesame Street Kids Favourte Songs, and again..she liked "Mary Had A Little Lamb". So i put 'egg lamb' in her porridge.

For my lunch, I made Mary :)

Inside the box: rice, nori, seaweed, siomay, kani rolled with egg, and stir fry pechay

For Papa's breakfast, i made him a shepperd dog sandwich.. :)

So from now on, when Mary goes to school, the lamb can play with the dog. lol :D

January 15, 2011

Not So Green Frog

Yippie..It's Saturday, the day i can comforting myself from 5 routine days activities. After took a shower in the morning,i  turn on my laptop and watched "Mary Stayed Out All Night" (Korean Drama ) until 10.00am.. it was so relaxing.. :)

Today i only made bento for Elaine. I used the tips from Lia Chen to make the green rice from spinach, because i don't have  edamame. I think i put too many rice in the mixture, so the color was not green enough. Since it was my first time to make the green rice, i'm satisfied with the result. Thank you for the tips, Lia.. :)

Elaine's lunch for today...

Inside the box: green rice, cheese and nori for the face details, stir fry napa cabbage, indonesian pork barbecue, tamagoyaki, and carrot.

When i looked at the picture, i think my food arrangement was really bad.It would be better to use lettuce or brocolli as a baran instead of pink container and use food pick instead of cherry tomato.

And the last one, i have to learn how to make a good food photography.. :D

January 14, 2011

Bunnies Everywhere

I made two rabbits bento for today, one was for my husband's breakfast and the other one was for my daughter's (Elaine) lunch. I made the same rabbit design for them, because i had to finish all the cooking and Elaine's bento before 10.00am. At 9.45am i had to pick her up at her school, so every morning is always a busy morning. It was a simple rabbit, but Elaine really love it..

Papa's breakfast
Inside the box: ham and cheese sandwich, grapes and a slice of apple
Elaine's lunch

Inside the Box: Rice with furikake, sausage flowers, chicken teriyaki, star carrot, stir fry pechay and tofu

January 13, 2011

Frog Prince Sandwich

I tried to make frog sandwich bento for my husband today. I made the frog yesterday from cheddar cheese, just put some coloring and then put it in the refrigerator. In the morning, i only have to cut the bread with round cutter and fill it in with hazelnut spread.

Today is the first time i make checker apple, i am quite satisfy with the result. 

For my daughter, i made girl's theme for her lunch today, which was inspired from yum yum bento box cookbook. I named it "Elaine's face", because the face was look like hers :) 

Inside the plate: rice, star shaped carrot, brocolli, potato croquette, shredded chicken, vermicile. Today ,I cook 'Soto Ayam'   (Indonesian food), so i separated the soup in another bowl.

January 12, 2011

It's a dog... It's a bear

Nothing special about today, I just do my routine activities. 

Last night, my daughter sang 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' oftenly, the song inspired me to make lamb on her papa's sandwich This morning, i tried to make sandwich with lamb character on top of it, but when it was done, seems like the lamb had moustache :)

As for my daughter, i made a simple dog shaped rice for her lunch.. When she came back from school, the first things she did was looking at the dining table and kept on asking: "What's this, What's that?" while she pointed her finger to her plate and then she said "Wow...it's a bear..."  I kept on laughing at that time and confirmed to her that it was a dog, but she kept on insisting that it was a bear.. Maybe it was my fault, the shape was confusing her.. 

January 11, 2011

My First Post

Today, i decided to join a blog, so i can have more relationship with other mom in the world who has the same interest as i do. Now, I really..really love to make bento for my husband and 2.5 yo daughter, i'm still a beginner because i'm starting to make them since January, 2011.. :)  So, please..please teach me how to make a better bento..

Today i make breakfast bento for my husband..it was inspired from Susan Yuen's book.I really love her book. Too bad, i could not find her 1st edition here..but i have her 2nd edition.. yeahhhh...I try to make a bear shape from raisin bread, but as you can see, the shape is not good enough..

My daughter is still in toddler class and the class is only 2 hours per day, so i don't pack her lunch box. I arrange her lunch in a plate as usual. In her plate, i put rice covered with egg sheet, rabbit shape fish cake, pan seared yellow squash ( is yellow squash same with kabocha? ), spinach and corn, and bakmoi ( the soup is separated in a bowl ).. tadaaaa...