November 8, 2011

Queen Bee

This bento was inspired by Kaerenmama's latest book, i love all of her books. There is a free puncher  together with her latest book, it is handy and the quality is very good. Very recommended book!

I dedicate this 'Queen Bee' for my cousin's 25th birthday, Ria.  Enjoy! :)


  1. OMG but it's fantastic! How did you do it? It's a masterpiece!:)

  2. @ Diana-FreeStyleMama: Thanks a lot, Diana.. :D

  3. @genkikitty: It's Kaerenmama's latest book. I will take a picture and review it one day. :)

  4. @Fiocchi di neve e foglie di te: for the body, i used eggyolk mixed with warm rice. The stripe and face detail use nori. For the wings, i used fishcake. For the cheek, i used lustre dust for cakes. hehe.. Thanks for stopping by to my blog. :)