April 17, 2012

Saliya's Family

Hello there.. Finally I'm back again. Sorry for not updating my blog recently because of my busy activities lately and my cough and flu. My hands are already asking me to do some bentoing stuff since last  week, but at that time i better take a rest for some time to regain my 'full power' again. Hopefully no more cough and flu again.

Well, today I only made simple bento for Elaine. Recently, she likes to name some of her stuff toys and animals that she sees. One of them is her Panda. Her panda is actually my panda which was bought in China and I named it Pan-Pan. Elaine already know the name is Pan-Pan but she changed it into Saliya, I don’t know where she get the name. lol. When she saw her lunch today, she said it was Saliya’s Daddy, Saliya’s Mommy, and Saliya.

Well, glad to be back again and hopefully I could made some of Elaine’s friends again next time. ^ ^


  1. Welcome back, Yuli... :)
    Well, Saliya is a cute name
    and your bento always looks gorgeous

  2. Yuli, welcome back!! I have been thinking of you and your bentos and hope you will fully recover soon! Cute bento as always and love your slim bento box :)

    1. Hi, Rina. Thank you so much for thinking of me. :) Yes, now i consume multivitamin and hopefully it will works. Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I bought the lunch box in Daiso actually. :)