August 26, 2014

Bunny Parade

Hello, my friends! How are you?

Finally I can update my blog again after six months hiatus from bento-ing and blogging. I'm so happy I can be here again. I'm starting to do bento again for my daughter since June 2014 because she needs to bring snack and lunch box to her school. At first my hands was stiff, I forgot all the steps and bento tools that I have. Hehe.. But now, I'm starting to get used to them again and hopefully my hands and skill will get better and better again. I was so nervous on the first day making bento again, but I was happy when I found out that my daughter loves it and finished her snack.

I'm still struggling with the quality of my bento pictures because I took it around 5am and I'm doing it inside my kitchen with minimum lighting. Usually I use natural lighting for my pictures, so now I have to think ways to produce a good pictures with artificial lighting. So, please bear with me with the not so good pictures, because I'm still learning how to do photography with artificial lighting.

Well, here are my other Bunny Bento that I made previously. Have a nice day, friends!

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