May 30, 2011

Happy Monday...

Happy Monday for all my friends out there!  These 2 weeks i only made several bento because Elaine still in her school holiday and have to make a quick bento because Elaine won't let me stay long in my kitchen. :)

Today i made Mr. and Mrs. Smiley, it is very simple, just mould the rice with egg yolk. At first, i wanted to use my smiley puncher but turned out the eyes were too small, so i only used the smile part and hand cut the eyes.

I'm so happy to find out that CG from Cooking Gallery give me awards and they are my first blog awards. CG a brilliant chef and bento-ist, and i loves all her works. Thanks a lot, CG!

I want to share these awards with my friends from BENTO CLUB in facebook. They always give me a lot of idea and additional knowledge in bento and the best things is FRIENDSHIP.

Last week, i received my prizes from Bento Box Contest held by Mutual Publishing. I really love it, they are Susan Yuen's "Hawai'i's Bento Box Cookbook" and signed by Susan Yuen! Thanks a lot, Mutual Publishing and Susan Yuen.


  1. Uwa...!!! AKu juga pengen bukunya ;)! Congrats on winning the contest Yul and I love how bright your bento photo turned out :)!

  2. Congrats and what a pretty smiley bento :)

  3. I love Mr. and Mrs. Smiley! Very fun and cheerful :D

  4. @ Cooking Gallery: hahaha... thanks, CG!

    Ya, ini fotonya pake kamera HP, kamera yang biasa dipake jatoh ama neng El, rusak berat niyy..

  5. @ lani: hi, Lani.. Thanks for the sweet comment. ^^

  6. @ Jenn: Yes, Mr. Smile is always cheerful, no matter what. hehe... Thanks for the sweet comment, Jenn!