May 10, 2011

Pig Costume

Yeterday i tried to post this, but i think the site was error because of the 'bebeng' typhoon last Sunday. Until now, it's still cloudy and sometimes there is strong wind blow, but everything already back to normal again.

Well, back to bento again. Yesterday, i read Kaerenmama's book again and found out how to make the double moulded rice ( i don't know how to call it..hehe.. ). So i practised it yesterday and made 'Elaine in her piggy costume'. I used pink decofuri to turn the white rice into pink rice. 

Inside the yellow box: rice, broccoli, sausage, flower carrot, and some grapes. In the pink box: red bean and pork soup, rolled egg with ham and cheese, and some grapes.


  1. Thats a sweet pink piggy suit..

  2. @ mlyn trinixm: did i type your name correctly? Thanks for stopping by to my blog i hope you enjoy it.

    Thanks, mlyn!