July 20, 2011

Smiley Snoopy

Finally, it's Snoopy time. :)

A couple of weeks ago, Elaine told me that she wanted to eat Snoopy and yesterday she asked me again. I think she already longing to 'eat' her snoopy So, today i make one for her and yes..she really enjoyed her snoopy. xixixi..


  1. Love Snoopy and the friends when I was young hehehe ... It's great to see your cute bento and catching up with your posts. Have a great day Yul! (^.^)

  2. @ Lia Chen: Thank you, Lia. Glad that you already come back, i really miss your bento!

  3. Hi Yuli! Hope you & Elaine are doing well! I was trying to catch up on all those great posts I'd missed! :)
    You always make cute & beautiful charaben! Elaine is so lucky to have you, such a talented bentoist! My girls will be so envious of her! :D

  4. @ mlyn trinixm: hi, Mlyn.. how are you? Thanks a lot.. Every kids must be blessed to have a mother who always care for them, including you. I bet your kids must be very proud of you. Send my hugs to your kids. ^^

  5. Hi Yuli! Tks for your regards! I'm doing fine, just a little busier with all my postings.. lol :P

    Tks for your hugs for my girls! You're just so sweet! ^.^