July 28, 2011

Welcoming Rainy Season

The weather here is really bad these 4 days, almost raining everyday. 3 days ago, there was an earthquake here around 1.30 AM. We live in the condominium and we could feel it clearly, i could feel my bed was shaking. We could just pray at that time because we live in 18th floor and nothing we could do. The earthquake was only a few minutes but we were terrified.

Now everything is already fine but the weather still unpredicted. Just like today, it was raining hard and windy in the morning, then stopped, raining again and it's sunny now.

How is the weather at your place?


  1. Same here, crazy weather. Glad to hear that you and your family are ok from the earthquake. Pretty scary if you live in tall building. Lovely bento Yul! Brighten up my day :)

  2. Pretty girl with sweet smile under the rain!
    Glad that you all ok, Yuli

  3. @Lia Chen: thanks, Lia.. Yes, better to be on the ground. :D

  4. @ Journal Mommy Yenny: Thanks, Yen..

  5. Oh! Glad that you and your family are all fine despite the scary earthquake. I can say I'm lucky that there are no natural disasters in SG but at times, we can feel a little from the neighbouring countries. Whenever I watched the news about which places are having those disasters, my heart really sank and goes out to them. I feel so useless and bad that I couldn't do anything but to pray very hard for them.. :(
    The weather here in SG is so hot and humid, has not been raining for days already.

    Cute cloud and raindrops! I love the cute tiny purple flower! What did you use for that?

  6. @ Mlyn trinixm: thanks for the concern, Mlyn. I think this September i will visit SG. :) Maybe i have to ask about the weather to you.

    Thanks for the compliment. hehe.. i used photoshop to edit it. :)