October 11, 2011

Anniversary Cupcakes Order

This is my 3rd order for my baking hobbies. The one who placed the order is one of  Elaine's teacher at school, she ordered cupcakes for her 9th anniversary celebration and  the theme is a long distance kisses  ( That's why i put additional kisses lips in the figurine. hihihi ) .It is my first time to make woman figurine from gum paste and it took me very long hour to make it, hopefully next time will be faster and better. ;)

I'm really grateful for every cupcake orders that i've received because they motivated me to do better, faster and the very important thing is that my works met customer expectation. So..hopefully this one will also satisfied my customer expectation. :)

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful job. I've had several (non-creative) people tell me that I should make & sell my cookies or bentos. My stuff isn't that good AND I do them for fun! Your stuff is amazing and I am glad you enjoy getting orders. I'd order from you if we lived nearly each other!