October 5, 2011

Happy World's Teacher Day

Happy World's Teacher Day for all the teachers in the world. Thank you so much for your dedication in order to make a person to become a real person. I still remember that i'm one of the 'active' kids in class, and many times i skipped some classes in high school and went to gym instead of studying. :D

Well, yesterday i made some 'gift' for Elaine's teachers at school as sign of my appreciation for them. Not a big thing, but it is made from the heart with lots of love.

All is edible, except the box of course. hihihi.. The cake is chocolate chip cupcakes, the figurine is made from gum paste and i hand mold them all.  It is really fun to do this, and the one who is excited about the cake is Elaine..she couldn't stop looking at them. :)


  1. Amazing! I am sure they really appreciated it cause teachers need more support & love!!

  2. Cute little bears for Elaine's teachers! I'm sure they'd be so happy, excited and appreciated all your time and efforts making these cuties for them as Teacher's Day present! Well done, Yuli! ;D
    Have a great weekend!
    PS: How do you make the gum paste?

  3. Wow, those little bears are SO cute. So nice of you to make that for the Teachers. I am sure you put a smile on their faces!

  4. Diana : Yes, they are.. I always thinking that teachers are actually one of my heroes in my life. :)

  5. @ Lyn: Hi, Lyn.. i bought gummix fondant improver to make gumpaste and add glucose, glycerine, confectioner sugar, egg white, vanilla extract. There is a detail recipe in the box.

    Thanks a lot, Lyn.. the teachers are so happy when they receive the cakes. hehe..

  6. @ Quay Po Cooks: Hi..how are you? Thanks for stopping by to my blog. Yes sure, i put smile on the bear's face.

  7. Wow! So many ingredients needed just for the gumpaste! I think I better take one at a time and to learn baking first. lol ;P
    Tks so much for explaining to me, Yuli.
    Have a great week! ;)