November 7, 2012

Bad Piggie

My daughter loves to play Bad Piggies in her Ipad recently, she even called herself “Elaine Bad Piggy”. Lol..

This morning I decided to make Square Bad Piggy, it was so easy to make it, just mix the rice with crushed green peas and put it in the lunch box, no need to mold it. ;)

When Elaine found out what’s for her lunch today, she was very..very..happy and asked for more green piggy rice after she finished all her food. :D


  1. I love this bento! How cute and creative :) love the "bad piggy" theme too!

    1. Hi, Aubree..Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Do you know the game? My daughter loves it so much. xixixi...

  2. clever way to make bad piggies, Yul ;)