July 18, 2013

BeeDoo..BeeDoo..BeeDoo...It's Minnion Bento!

Finally..Finally.. I make bento again for my daughter! This time, I make Minnions which I loooveeee very much. They are so cute.. The minions words that I remember are BeeDoo..BeeDoo..Beedoo and Underwear.. hahahaha

The Minnions were made from mashed potato, turned out so hard to handle. Its so fragile, maybe I have to put less milk and wait until it cold before mould it. The shape is not good though, but my daughter very excited when she found out whats her lunch for today. O ya.. She doesnt like mashed potato before, but when she found out they are Minnions mashed potato, she eat it. Yeheeeiii

As you know, McDonalds Happy Meal this time is Minnions theme also, they are sold out very fast. I only managed to collect 7 of them. They are so cuteeee!


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