December 23, 2013

Hello Kitty Tang Yuan

Yesterday was Winter Solistice Festival and I remember that I made this cute Hello Kitty Tang Yuen before. 

In my country, Indonesia, Tang Yuan is called "Ronde". The ingredients are glutinous rice flour and water, if we want the tang yuan to be colorful, we can add a food coloring into the paste. Usually I put peanut paste inside it too. There are 2 kinds of soup for this tang yuan: clear soup and brownish soup. The clear soup is made from water, sugar, ginger with pandan leaves and brownish soup is made from palm sugar, water, ginger with pandan leaves. For me, both are good and suitable for the rainy and cold season.

I didn't manage to make tutorial for my Hello Kitty Tang Yuan, but I will post the tutorial soon!

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