August 3, 2011

Yellow Ear Dogs

First of all, i want to say sorry for the blurriness picture. All my photo are blur today. :'(

Today's bento was inspired from Akinoichigo's bento book, but i modified a little bit. hehe.. As you know, dog is Elaine's favorite animal, so i think why i don't make one for her. And my expectation is true, she was thrilled by her lunch today. So glad that she likes it!


  1. Cute! Love the yellow and white colour combination, they blend in so nicely! :)

  2. Cute doggies! ♥Love their expressions :)

  3. Cute doggies you made! I'll like it too if I had bentos like this when young! Maybe this could also be part of the reason why I want my girls to have special, cute bentos to sch! Hahaha
    Btw, are those puddings/jellies above in that 3 little containers?