August 24, 2011

Spotty Dog

Glad to be back again, after almost 3 weeks not doing any bento. I made this Spotty Dog bento, because suddenly i remember about my cousin's dog whose name is Spotty. Hopefully my bento resembles to it. Inside the box: dog rice onigiri, stir fry greenbeans with corn and red pepper, blanched potato and carrot, and beef stew.

Last week, i was busy baking birthday cake for my daughter Elaine, she turned 3 years old on Aug 16, 2011. Time really flies so fast, i still remember when i did my labor. She was so red, tiny, and cried a lot. hihihi.. Until now, sometimes i still treat her like a baby. :p

Well, i baked Lapis Surabaya for the cake because my husband requested it. Until now i can't spread buttercream smoothly, so i used fondant to cover it. There were many cake idea, from Pororo, Princess, Mario Bros..but 2 weeks ago, McDonald gift Smurf Toys for the happy meal. Elaine loves them since the first time she saw it, so my husband and I came with an idea, why don't we make Smurf birthday cake from it. So can you imagine, how many happy meal we bought in order to collect all the Smurf ? lol

I baked the cake on Saturday, spread the buttercream at night and put in the fridge a whole night. This is Elaine's Smurf Birthday Cake

I also made Cakepops and Butter Cookies for Elaine's classmates and her teachers. Her teacher's said the kids were really excited to bring home the giveaway. I also had feedback from some of the teachers and parents, that the cookies and cakepops were yummy. So glad that they liked it. ^.^

I made the cakepops one day prior to the birthday party. I was afraid that the cakepop will fall off from the lollypop stick the next day, but thankfully they were still stick firmly.

For the butter cookies, i made them 4 days prior to the party, and i put them in a food container. I made Winnie Pooh and Miffy this time. 

Blow the candle, Elaine...

I'm so glad that everything went well from the preparation until the big day, the birthday girl really enjoyed the day and her birthday cake. All of tiredness suddenly disappeared, when she said "Mama, Elaine suka Smurf birthday cakenya. Bagus.." ( Mama, Elaine likes the Smurf birthday cake. It is very nice ) and she kissed me.. ^.^


  1. Wow Yul! Super awesome jobs that you did for Elaine's Birthday. You are a great mom and I'm sure Elaine know that and greatful for all your loves that you give her. Happy belated birthday for her! Glad to see you back in your cute bento making (^.^)

  2. You have been busy. Love the spotty dog!

  3. Great Job, Yuli! I am sure Elaine will have fond memories for her 3rd birthday. :)
    your cake pops looks great too, the surface is so smooth..

  4. What a great job, Yuli....
    the fondant was so smooth applied on cake!
    Happy belated birthday to Elaine.
    May she always be healthy, grow up to a pretty and wise lady

  5. @ Lia Chen: Thank you, Lia. I'm sure every mother is great and will do anything to make their children happy.

    Thanks for the birthday wish for Elaine.

    Yes, i'm glad to be back again! :D

  6. Diana - Free Style Mama: Yes, i've been busy last week. Glad that you like it.

  7. @ Bobo: Thank you, Bobo.. i hope she will remember it.

    Actually some of them are cracked, i don't know why, maybe the cake is to cold? is it possible like that? yours are much better than mine. :)

  8. @ Journal Mommy Yenny: woho.. the one in the right side is not smooth and i cover it with other embellishment. wkwkwk...

    Thanks for the birthday wish and pray for Elaine, Yen..

  9. The dog looks so adorable, luv it! I was actually wondering why you didn't post any bento for weeks, now I know you've been very busy. I admire your creativity on the cake, it's so nicely done, Great Job, Yuli :D

  10. *CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!*
    This is so beautiful and you did a very wonderful job, Yuli! Keep it up! ;D
    I'm sure Elaine will remember this very special birthday celebration with a special and beautiful cake made with so much love from Mommy! All her friends must be so jealous! (Me too!) xD
    I love the last 2 pics! Elaine looked so cute when she's blowing out the candles and the last pic, I can feel your happiness and satisfaction when Elaine kissed you. ;)
    I still treat both my girls like babies sometimes too, esp the younger girl bcoz of her petite size, she's still like a small little younger girl although she's 6yrs now and she always behaves like a baby. lol

    Hope you've a wonderful weekends! ;)