September 5, 2011

Cupcake Order

This is my first cupcake order..and you know what.. it's not for human, but for dogs...yes, for dogs. My Ob-gyne order it for her dog's birthday, at first i was surprised  when she asked  about it, because i never made cupcakes for dogs. The cupcake is also special, and i used ingredients that are safe for dogs.

Curious about it? Let's see what it is looked like..

 Carrot and Peanut Butter Cupcakes
Chicken and Bacon Cupcakes
Mashed Potato as frosting

Which one do you like? ^^


  1. hah..beneran Yul....
    I love them cute...

  2. haha.. so cute.. how about the cupcake toppers.. you made them yourselves too?

  3. They're so cute and beautifully baked! You're really so amazing, Yuli! ;D
    I'll be surprised too if someone were to ask me the same.
    Doggies are really so fortunate these days! lol

  4. @ Journal Mommy Yenny: iya, Yen..gua juga kaget pas diminta bikinin. xixixi.. thanks ya..

  5. @Bobo: yes, Bobo.. i made them all and they were made from gumpaste. I don't know if the dog able to eat it, but i already told the owner about it. :D

  6. @ Lyn Trinixm: Thanks, Lyn.. Yes, they are so fortunate, they are like children for the owner. :)

  7. You're right, Yuli and I can feel their love for their little pets. ;)