September 12, 2011

Macaroni Schotel and Homemade Chicken Tofu Nugget

Today i won't post any bento, but i want to share my other hobby. :)

Well, here they are....
Macaroni Schotel
Macaroni Schotel is one of my husband's favorite food. Actually he already asked it from a few months ago, finally last Friday i could fulfill his wish. :D

Chicken Tofu Nugget
When i opened the refrigerator in the morning, i saw tofu in there and suddenly i remember that last Sunday i saw a recipe in the facebook how to make Chicken Tofu Nugget. I put grated carrot inside it, and the taste is very delicious. I think Elaine love it, she kept asking me for it. :D


  1. Mau maaaaaaahh.... yum yum! Btw, gak mau ikut IFP buat bulan ini ta? :D

  2. Hi Yuli, hope you and your family are doing fine! ;D
    Both dishes look so moth-watering!!! *droops*
    I'd love to try out both dishes! ;)