September 6, 2011

Princess Panda

Today's bento was inspired from Akinoichigo's book, but i modified a little bit. I made panda bento for Elaine, because for two days in a row she loves to play with her panda stuffed toys. She even took it to the bed, put it under the same blanket and sang lullaby song for it. Funny isn't it? lol. 


  1. sweet little panda princess..
    today i made panda too..:)

  2. Hi Yuli, how have you been lately? Hope you and your family are doing well. ;)
    Sorry for not visiting your blog recently. ;(
    You always have wonderful new ideas for Elaine's bentos and I'm wondering why I never have at least half. Hahaha ;P
    Cute princess panda and I love how you made the tiara for it! :D
    Maybe Elaine's wishing for a young sibling to play with...? ;P
    My elder gal used to be like that when she was at this age and even till now, she loves dolls, stuff toys very much. ;)

  3. @ Bobo: thank you, Bobo. Yes, your panda is really cute, want to cuddle it. :)

  4. @ Lyn Trinixm: Hi, we're doing fine, Lyn.. How are you and your family? You know what,yesterday when she woke up from her nap, suddenly she said :" I want brother, mama". hihihi.. i think i have to tell it to her papa. :p

  5. Diana - FreeStyleMama: thank you, Diana.

  6. Thank you, Yuli, we're all fine too! ;D
    Oh really!! Maybe it's time to bring in another member to your family huh..!? Kekeke ;P
    Or you could try asking Elaine if she's really ready for a younger sibling. ;) Waiting for your gd news! ^^