February 3, 2011

Gong Xi... Gong Xi..

Gong Xi...Gong Xi...

Happy Lunar Year, everybody..

I miss my family in Indonesia at this moment, usually we will go to visit our relatives to greet them. There will be many food and cakes will be offered, such as lapis surabaya, lapis legit, nastar, kastangel..hmmm.. yummy..

Talking about kastengel and nastar cookies, my mom used to make them by herself  2 weeks before Chinese New Year and i usually helped her to shape it. It was fun to do that and i missed that moment a lot.

Today is just a regular day in Philippines, people goes to office and children goes to school as usual. It is also just a regular day for me, so today i made bento lunch for Elaine. The theme was still connected with Chinese New Year, yes... i made Bunny bento again for her.

Inside the box: Bunny rice onigiri, crunchy sole fish fillet, quail egg, carrot, broccoli.


  1. Lucu banget mbak! Ada wortel2nya gitu lagi. Menunya juga keliatan enak ^^

  2. @ Syl: thank you, Syl. :) udah balik jkt?

  3. Love your bunny!!!

    Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family too!

  4. @ Angeleyes: hi, glad that you like the bunny.