February 13, 2011

My Baking Experiences

Today i won't post about bento, but i will post some pictures of my other hobby. 

My other new hobby is baking, it began in 2009 because someday on November 2009, my husband and I really craving for Lapis Surabaya which is not available in Philippines. So, we bought hand mixer and the ingredients needed to make the cake and used it on  the next day. Because i didn't have any experience in baking and using hand mixer, i overdid the mixer it and it became broken. Luckily the mixer was still guaranteed, so we could change it into the new one. The cake was a mess, we could not eat it at all. After the incident, i became very desperate about baking.

In 2010, i started to bake again. This time i tried to make cupcakes, because it seemed more simple than Lapis Surabaya. First trial was success and my confidence in baking arose again since that moment.

Here are my cupcakes pictures.

Finally, i could make my own Lapis Surabaya. First time knew it was success, i felt really really happy. :)

On August 2010, i baked Elaine's  2nd Birthday Cake. I used Lapis Surabaya for the cake and covered it with fondant. It was my first time to bake a birthday cake and deal with fondant.

I also tried to bake other cake.

My second birthday cake for my daughter's friend.

For the conclusion: BAKING is FUN.


  1. Great Job Yuli!!!
    I used to bake for sale too but when I have my baby I 'tutup' kedai till further notice! hehehe

  2. @ Angeleyes: Thanks, Alice! You must be a great baker and your cakes must be very delicious.