February 21, 2011

Lazy Ladybug

I just made simple bento for Elaine today, because i'm not feeling well. We moved to a new apartment last Saturday, so i had to unpacked and rearranged many things. Elaine kept on disturbing me that day, so her papa took her to the mall for half day. It was an effective way, i could work faster. My body is protesting now, i have cough and cold again. Sigh.. 

Back to bento.. I made ladybug bento for Elaine, but i ran out of nori today. I used software to edit the ladybug. hehe..

Inside the box: rice, broccoli, carrot, soto ayam ( Indonesian chicken soup ), potato verkedel. I put the soup in a separate bowl. The flowers was store bought sugar paste, usually i use them to decorate a cake.


  1. Hope you feel a lot better now Yuli
    The ladybug surely is lovely :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon, I miss looking at your bentos! Two days and no MaMa Elaine makes me sad! :(