February 7, 2011

Doraemon and Hello Kitty Bento

This morning, i woke up late, so i was in a rush to make breakfast for my husband. One thing in my mind was to make Doraemon sandwich, i did not why i had that idea. Before Elaine went to school, she looked at her papa's breakfast and said: "Wow, Doraemon bread.. Hello Kitty for Elaine."  Thanks for the idea, darling.. So mama made Hello Kitty bento for Elaine. :)

Papa's breakfast for today

Inside the box: turkey sandwich

Elaine's lunch for today

Inside the box: Rice, chicken balls, sausage, carrot, stir fry spinach with garlic, corn.


  1. @ Yenny: thanks for your sweet comment, Yen!

  2. Papa's sandwich is small... enough??? hehehehe

    Your HK is so cute!