March 8, 2011

Chick chick here...chick chick there...

This morning, Elaine saw few birds on her way to her school and she felt sad when the birds flew away. She kept asking me where the birds are. So, while cooking today's meals, i made the chicks bento instead of birds because it was easier to do. I know it's not relevant with the story. :)  

As you can see, one is a camera friendly chick and the other is a stiff one. :D

Inside the box: rice, sausage, quail egg, carrot, beef and radish soup ( Soto Bandung ).


  1. I think they both are very photogenic hehehe ... lovely!

  2. @ Lia: hehehe..thank you, Lia! Good luck for the workshop, i wish that i could join the event.

  3. lucu dan simple...bisa dicoba buat bekal ke kantor nih :D