March 30, 2011

Merlion and Friends

Today i made merlion bento lunch for Elaine which is inspired from shoppingmum's blog. I love her blog because it contains many adorable bento and sometimes there is instruction how to create the bento. It really helps a bento beginner like me. I used rice instead of sandwich, so Elaine eat the merlion first and then eat the rice with the other dishes.

Inside the box: rice, cheese, ebi furai, stir fry vegetables.

I also add today's bento to What's for lunch Wednesday.

I just found out today, that i got an Honorable Mention award from the bento lunch box contest held by Mutual Publishing, LLC. I'm so thrilled about it!

I read this email many times because i still couldn't believe what i've won... A Set of Susan Yuen's Bentobox Cookbook!

Dear Yuli,

You have won Honorable Mention in Mutual Publishing’s Bento Box Contest!!

You have won a set of Susan Yuen’s Bento Box Cookbooks and a gift certificate valued at $20.00 towards any of Mutual Publishing’s books (gift certificate does not cover shipping costs).

Please email us with your mailing address so we can mail your prizes to you. And again, congratulations!!

The email was sent on March 15, but i just read it today, hopefully the publisher still remember about it (Pray hard for it).


  1. cute Merlion, the ebi furai looks yummy..

  2. @ Bobo: Thank you for the sweet compliment, Bobo!

  3. This makes me hungry.. Nice presentation too...

    Healthy cooking tips

  4. Cute bento as always Yul! And congrats to win Susan's bento book. She is a great bento maker and her books are awesome :)

  5. @ Lia Chen: Thank you for the sweet comment, Lia! Yes, i admire her works and i'm happy that could won her books. :)

  6. Hi..mama elaine, I stop by here after reading your comment in my blog. And i'm surprising that you also win that contest....It was you!!!. Congratulation for your winning, you also deserve to get it, and hope we really enjoy the books that we won... ^^.

  7. @ Yulyan Parwati: Hi, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment. I'm very sure that we will enjoy the books, hopefully it will arrive safely to our place. :)