March 28, 2011


Last Saturday, I bought a zebra rubber toy that Elaine can ride on it. She pretended to play with the zebra, spoon the rice for it, brush the teeth, and at night she even sang lullaby and hug it until she slept. :)

So, today i tried to make her lunch using her best friend figure. At first she thought it was a cow (maybe because of the nose), but finally she could say that it was her friend, Zebra. :)

Inside the box: rice, egg roll, broccoli, sausage, egg, carrot, and cheese.

Today i tried new recipe, it is very simple one but taste good.


  1. yep, it definitely a zebra, Yuli
    he he he he...

  2. Those black and white stripes, definitely zebra hehehe ... Love the kids with their imagination! My kids still put the blanket for their animal dolls before they go to sleep ;)

  3. @ Yenny: maybe she just want to test me..xixixi..

  4. @ Lia Chen: yes, me too..sometimes i amazed with her imagination. Really? I think that is so cute and because when they do that, we could know that they care about their things.