March 25, 2011

Gudeg Jogja

Today i didn't do any bento because i'm planning to cook Gudeg Jogja. My husband and i are really miss that food and we couldn't find it here. This is my first time to cook it, and my husband said it tastes happy to know that he likes it.

Complete Gudeg Jogja usually consists of  gudeg nangka (sweet young jack fruit stew),pindang telur ( marbled egg ), opor ayam dan tahu (Javanese chicken and tofu curry), Sambal Goreng Kerecek ( beef rind ). This is my first time to make Gudeg, so i was quite surprised that i had to simmered the young jack fruit for almost 3 hours. During that time, i cooked javanese chicken and tofu curry, beef rind, and Elaine's lunch.

This morning, i went to Elaine's school to have PTC, her result this term is not bad, her teachers said she is more interested in academics things, such as counting, alphabets and words naming, doing puzzle. Things that make me a little bit sad is her teacher said she is lacking of concentration in the class nowadays, i think it will become my homework to improve her concentration because she will enter nursery class this summer class. Jiayou!


  1. looks delicious! happy Friday