April 4, 2011

Power Up Mushroom

It's Mario Bros' power up mushroom! Is anybody still remember about it? My husband is a Mario Bros' Fan, he still playing the games until today. Recently, Elaine become very interested in the games, she likes the mushroom and always asked her papa to get the mushroom. So, today i'd like to surprise her with her lunch and i was right..she was really excited when she saw it.

Inside the box: rice, 'telur sembunyi', fried potato, carrot, broccoli

I cooked  'Telur Sembunyi' ( Hidden Egg ) for today's menu, i was very curious when i saw the title in the internet. So..it's just a boiled egg wrapped in ground meat. :)


  1. I played Mario Bros game with my little brothers when I was a kid and now my kids also play that too. Cute power up mushrooms! Did Elaine save them for the last or the mushrooms got eaten first?

  2. Super Mario Bros has been around for years and they are still coming out with new games. The newest one came out around December I believe.
    Good looking 1-up mushrooms!

  3. Love those little cute mushrooms!!!

  4. @ Lia Chen: Yes, me too..it was fun! Thanks for the compliment, Lia.

    Elaine asked me to put the mushroom in the box's cover and she ate them later after she finished all her lunch. :)

  5. @ MewlKitten: Hi, thanks for stopping by to my blog. Thanks for the compliment and the information about the games. ^^

  6. @ Angeleyes: thanks for the sweet comment, Alice!