April 6, 2011

Baso Tahu Kuah

I didn't make any bento today because after drop off Elaine at her school, i had to go to embassy to renew my passport. I cooked 'Baso Tahu Kuah' because my husband requested it last night. 'Baso Tahu Kuah' is tofu topped with the combination of chicken or pork and shrimp with chicken stock as the soup.


  1. It sounds like the yong tou fu over here :)
    Looks yummy!

  2. Kids Dream Work: yes, you're right..my husband also call this yong tou fu. :)

    Thanks, Ai Ping. My husband and Elaine like this a lot. :)

  3. Oh yum...! I haven't had something like this for a while, this makes me drool!

    No, I don't think there are many Indonesians or Asians in general in Germany, but I think it probably depends on where you live as well. Düsseldorf has a quite large Japanese community, in Frankfurt the number of Asian people is also growing, but I am not sure where most Indos here live as I don't even know any Indonesians in Germany unfortunately...:(.

  4. @ Cooking Gallery: Try to make some then, i'm sure you can cook this tofu. :)

    I will ask my friend where she lived, btw what city do you live in?