April 7, 2011

Angry Birds

Actually this is my real face expression today because Elaine refused to eat her breakfast and i had to persuade her. This morning she only drink a cup of milk and few spoon of misoa. After came back from school, she refused to eat her rice at lunch, so she only ate the fried bihon, broccoli and chicken roll. but when it times to eat shrimp crackers, she eat very fast. Hopefully tomorrow it won't happen again.

In the box: rice, chicken roll, fried bihon, and broccoli.


  1. Hehe, sabar mamaaahh... Marah aja cute kayak gini hihi ;D

  2. @ Tata: sabarrrrrr...sampe udah bbrp kali ngurut dada plus inhale..exhale..:)

  3. As a mom of 2 kids, I understand that hehehe ... Don't worry, sometimes kid just like that. Cute Angry Birds! Haven't play this game for a while now :)

  4. @ Lia Chen: I think beside bento, i had to learn how to raise children from you, because you have two wonderful children.

    Thanks for the compliment, Lia.

    In fact i never play the game but my friend asked me to send him my angry birds bento picture. :)

  5. That's too cute!! And the chicken roll looks awesome as well! I totally can empathize with you - I got 2 boys 2 & 4yo. My 4yo needs persuasion and coercion to eat. And a lot of tricks up my sleeves to sneak veggies in.

  6. @ Shaz: Hi, thanks for stopping by to my blog. Thanks for the sweet compliment. :)

    Yes, you're right i had to persuade her with tricks.