April 28, 2011

Hello Kitty and Bear

Another episode of Hello Kitty and Bear. Today i tried my new rice mould that arrived last Monday, first it was difficult to use the mould because the rice kept on sticking to it, so i had to soak it to water before put the rice inside it. :)

Inside the box: rice, chicken and shrimp balls, sausages, stir fry vermicelli, corn, stir fry bok coy, carrot.

I made one more lunch box for Elaine's classmate and his sister with same onigiri shape as hers. I hope they enjoyed their lunch.

I was excited last monday, because my new bento tools had arrived. :)

My puncher collection, the newbie are carla craft mini puncher face expression. :)


  1. Wah...Koleksi bentomu bayak banget Yul, jadi iri nih...;)!!

  2. Bento stuffs shopping seems never end for us LOL :D Cute HK and Bear for Elaine! She loves HK too?

  3. @ Cooking Gallery: hahaha..ini jg ngumpulinnya dengan susah payah nih..

  4. @ Lia Chen: Yes, you're right..always looking for a new gadget. :D

    Elaine likes HK, Strawberry Shortcake, Barney, and now she's starting likes Mario Bros. :)

  5. dimana dapat yg hello kitty mbak?? di daiso udah nyari ga nemu nemu hiksss