April 12, 2011


Today i made 2 identical bento box for Elaine's teachers. At first, i just want to ask them to try my 'Tortang Talong' dish but then came up the idea to make bento for them. I hope they enjoyed their lunch today. :)

Inside the box: pig rice onigiri, sausages, chicken nugget, tortang talong, broccoli, carrot.

Maybe many of you is wondering what Tortang Talong is? Tortang Talong is one of  the Philippine's food, it is made from grilled eggplant, ground pork and egg. Actually this is one of my favorite food here, so i'm trying to make one today. 

Oops..bad pictures today.. I was too lazy to charge my camera battery yesterday so today i had to take pictures in a rush, racing with the signal light. :)


  1. Ooo that looks delicious! I bet the teachers will be very happy for such a beautiful lunch!

  2. @ Jenn-bentoForKidlet: thanks, Jen. :)