January 26, 2011

Twin Bunnies

Today, i made three breakfast bento, the other two were for my husband's officemate who came from Jakarta last night. I made the bento to show them my thankfulness because they brought me some bento tools that i ordered in Jakarta.

For my husband's officemate, i made them tuna sandwich with flower shape sausages, boiled corn, and some pear.

As for my husband, he got noodles with butterflies carrot, sausages, scrambled egg, some pear.

And here are my new bento tools.

Elaine had Bunnies bento for her lunch today, she directly went to dining table when she got home from school. Nowadays, she is very curious about her lunch, and always ask with funny face:"What is that??"

Inside the box: bunny onigiri, chicken with sesame seed, tamagoyaki, cherry tomato, carrot, broccoli, kamaboko.


  1. you got a great collection of new tools there.. I sure they comes handy..

    Thats a lovely bunny and yummy bento ..

  2. Very cute bentos! I love getting new bento tools!!!

  3. @ Bobo: thank you, Bobo.. Actually i bought those tools on line in Jakarta,so when my friend come to visit, they brought it for me. It's much cheaper than buy in e-bay. :) The tools helps me a lot.

  4. @ Linsey: Thank you, Linsey. Yes, me too.. i think every bento-ers love getting their new bento tools.