January 25, 2011

My Melody Wanna Be

Last night, i had an idea to make My Melody bento for Elaine's lunch. So, this morning i copied the pattern from her eating utensils case to parchment paper and cut it into several part.

Inside the box:  rice with egg, Indonesian beef bistek, carrot, young corn, green bean

My melody was made from eggsheet, nori, and tiny piece of  young corn for the nose.

As for my husband's breakfast, i made him bear sandwich. Cute isn't it? :)

Inside the box: chocolate spread sandwich, strawberry rolls, some apples


  1. I see it My Melody, not "wanna be" anymore :D. Oh My, how lucky your hubby is to get such a cute bear sandwich, I'm inspired to make my father one hahaha ^^

  2. @ Tata: Hai, Tata.. thank you for passing by to my blog. ^-^ Wow...thanks for your sweet compliment..Yes, you should make bento for your father sometimes, mine is far.. :)

  3. I love your My Melody! How did you do it??? So small!!! I think I will give up! :P

  4. so sweet of My Melody!
    and lucky your husband to get cute bear :)

  5. @ Angeleyes: Thank you.. This is my first time to make My Melody, so i use scissors to cut the pattern, sometimes i miscut too :) It's still out of shape, i have to practise more.

  6. Oh I love your cheerful bright pink My Melody bento, it is SO pretty and full of charm!