January 18, 2011

Whose Doraemon is that ?

I made rolled bread with chocolate and strawberry jam for my husband's breakfast today. I put fruit in his box using wood skewer because i don't have long food picks.

Elaine is still sick today, so i tried to make her feeling better by giving her Mickey Mouse bread shape for her breakfast. While she ate the bread, she said:"Eat doraemon, please.." It looked like a challenge for me, because i never made it. I searched the picture in the internet and tried to make one, and the result is...

It was Green Doraemon..Hahaha.. The doraemon made from eggsheet, but i used a whole egg and put blue coloring, no wonder the color turned into green..silly me.. 

My husband came home earlier this afternoon, i thought he would had lunch at home, but he asked me to packed him his lunch, so i made simple bento for him.

Inside the box: Rice, Steamed Vegetables (Pecel Sayur), Peanut Sauce, Fried Tofu ( Tahu Tegal ).


  1. They all are so cute!
    I seldom make bento for my husband since I need to do two bentos for twins and he likes eating out.
    Perhaps I should make one once in a while :)

  2. thank you for the compliment, Yenny..

    your blog give me so many inspirations about bento, thanks for sharing them. :)