January 28, 2011


Elaine loves to talk about insects nowadays, the most frequently said are cockroach, butterfly, spider, and ladybug. I really hate cockroach, sometimes she pretends that she find it and shout loudly, and oftenly i shocked. 

Today i made butterflies and flowers bento for her lunch ( hopefully she won't ask me to make cockroach bento for her..yiyyy..)

Inside the box : ground pork with sweet soysauce, scrambled egg, rice ( underneath egg and pork ), carrot, cucumber, broccoli, corn, cheese, and nori.

For my husband, i made tuna mayo sandwich for his breakfast (tuna mayo already become his favorite now).


  1. Kalo liat bentonya neng el trus liat bentonya papah mesti aku mau ketawa, serasa bentonya cinderella dan upik abu, huehehehehe ^^v. Sabar ya papah.... :D

  2. @ Tata: hahaha...jgn gitu dongggg...papanya mah apapun yg disediakan dimakan soalnya..bentuk ga penting, yg penting rasa..hahaha...

  3. Hahahaha, aku ketawa baca comment-nya mbak Tata. Tapi pasti mbak Yuli bingung juga masa papanya dikasih bento yg imut2 ^^

  4. I like your flowers and butterflies bento a lot! So happy to see the happy flowers :)

  5. @ Angeleyes: thank you for your sweet compliment. Elaine also love them, she kept on looking at them before she eat her lunch. :)