January 31, 2011

Elephant and Cinnamon Roll Bento

I woke up earlier today, because i had to prepare breakfast and lunch for my husband. Today his car's plate number is color coding, usually he goes together with his friend to the office every monday but today he has something to do earlier in the office. I just cooked simple breakfast and lunch for him because i still have to prepare and send Elaine to school.

I made onigiri bread for my husband's breakfast, i stuffed mayo pork floss inside the bread. As for his lunch, i made him elephant theme bento.

Inside the box : rice, elephant made from kani,leaves from cucumber.

Inside the other box : chicken nugget, crab claw, broccoli, stir fry carrot and corn, and actually there is also tamagoyaki. 

For Elaine, i  made her Cinnamon Roll lunch bento but it still out of shape.

Inside the box: rice, grilled sole fish, broccoli, tamagoyaki, cherry tomato.


  1. Your hubby is the luckiest man in the world to have a good wife like you that so thoughtful. Cute elephant and Cinnamonroll! I ♥ Cinnamoroll, one of my favorite characters :)

  2. @ Lia: Thank you so much, Lia. Actually i made cinnamon roll's bento for Elaine because on Sunday she got loot bag from a birthday party and inside the bag there was cinnamon roll stamp and she likes it. Yes, cinnamon roll is very cute but mine not so cute. hahaha..