January 31, 2011


Actually  today i'm posting yesterday's bento. Yesterday, i just stayed at home so i made bento lunch for elaine. Last Friday, i went to supermarket for groceries shopping and i bought a box of quail egg, so first thing came to my mind was to make a bee from it.

I made the bee bento almost 1.5 hrs, because Elaine kept on disturbing me. Sometimes she said she wanted to go to the bathroom, asked me to play with her, to took some picture of her, and she played with my bento tools when she get bored with her toys.

Back to the bento.. here it is...

Inside the box: rice, quail egg, kani, egg, sausage, homemade chicken nugget, chikuwa, broccoli, asparagus, young corn.

Today, we went to a birthday party so we had lunch there. After that, we went to mall to buy some bento tools. The shop name is Saizen, i think it's like 100 Yen shop, the price there is Php 85/ item ( equal to USD 2 /item ). Lots of bento tools there, but i only bought some.

I bought the frog lunch box in another store, there are three more smaller boxes in the largest one. The price is around Php 60 ( equal to USD 1.5 )


Yes..that is my daughter, Elaine, the insect fans..She kept on asking me to take some picture of her before she went to sleep. :)

Good night, everyone...


  1. Beautiful Bee bento and Great loot from Daiso!

  2. @ Angeleyes: thank you. Yes, i think i will come back again next month to buy some bento tools there.

  3. @ Linsey: thank you for your sweet compliment, Linsey.

  4. sweet bees!
    Ow, lots of bento tools :) yeay...

  5. @ Yenny: thank u, Yen. I'm still looking for face puncher, it's hard to find it here.

  6. Wow, it's worthy for 1.5 hour hehehe... Alamaaaak, bahagianya yang habis shopping, *sigh* bento tools sudah merajalela, gud gud gud :D

  7. @ Tata: hahaha.. kelamaan, Ta 1.5 jam-an mah buat hasilin si bee doang.. bento tools disini cuman ada disitu doang, blm nemu yg laen. Bln dpn mau cek lg nih..sapa tau ada yg brg baru. xixixi..