January 27, 2011

Singing Penguins

Last night, my daughter told me that she wanted to sing with penguins. I was surprised why suddenly she said that, maybe she watched Pororo and friends in the afternoon.  This morning i did not have much time to make Pororo, so i made ordinary penguins for her lunch today. Even though it was not Pororo, she was very excited when she found out what she had for her lunch today.

Inside the box:  Rice onigiri, steamed tofu, garlic butter prawn, broccoli, sauted carrot and corn, cherry tomato.

As for my husband's breakfast, i made him chocolate sandwich. I used my new bento cutter.. :)  Drive safely, papa..

Looks like toddler's breakfast bento, right? :D


  1. Wuaaaaa, si el pasti seneng bisa nyanyi2 sama si pengu ^^. Wkwkwkwkwk, ngakak liat sandwichnya si papah, dia seorang suami yang bermental baja hahahaha, paling buapakku tak bikinin kayak gitu kayaknya dia bakal milih mending gak sarapan hihihihihi ^^v

  2. @ Tata: hahaha..iya, semoga ga diketawain temen kantorna. Mungkin makannya sembunyi or udah ancur berantakan di tasnya dia..xixixi... abis cutternya lucu2, gmn dong? sekalian latihan buat bekel si el ntar..hahaha..

  3. Love those penguins! And the traffic sandwiches are too cute to be eaten! :)

  4. @ Kids Dream Work: Thank you for the sweet compliment. :)