January 11, 2011

My First Post

Today, i decided to join a blog, so i can have more relationship with other mom in the world who has the same interest as i do. Now, I really..really love to make bento for my husband and 2.5 yo daughter, i'm still a beginner because i'm starting to make them since January, 2011.. :)  So, please..please teach me how to make a better bento..

Today i make breakfast bento for my husband..it was inspired from Susan Yuen's book.I really love her book. Too bad, i could not find her 1st edition here..but i have her 2nd edition.. yeahhhh...I try to make a bear shape from raisin bread, but as you can see, the shape is not good enough..

My daughter is still in toddler class and the class is only 2 hours per day, so i don't pack her lunch box. I arrange her lunch in a plate as usual. In her plate, i put rice covered with egg sheet, rabbit shape fish cake, pan seared yellow squash ( is yellow squash same with kabocha? ), spinach and corn, and bakmoi ( the soup is separated in a bowl ).. tadaaaa...

Here are my last week activities ( Mostly were inspired from Yum Yum Bento Box and Hawai's Bento Box Cookbook )


  1. Adorable! I just love the raisin bread bear!

  2. @ Bentobird: Hi..thank u for the compliment..i still have to learn lots of things about bento from an expert like you.. :)