January 12, 2011

It's a dog... It's a bear

Nothing special about today, I just do my routine activities. 

Last night, my daughter sang 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' oftenly, the song inspired me to make lamb on her papa's sandwich This morning, i tried to make sandwich with lamb character on top of it, but when it was done, seems like the lamb had moustache :)

As for my daughter, i made a simple dog shaped rice for her lunch.. When she came back from school, the first things she did was looking at the dining table and kept on asking: "What's this, What's that?" while she pointed her finger to her plate and then she said "Wow...it's a bear..."  I kept on laughing at that time and confirmed to her that it was a dog, but she kept on insisting that it was a bear.. Maybe it was my fault, the shape was confusing her.. 


  1. bentonya dah lucu mbak.udah ada karakternya.bentoku yang awal2 malah belum ada karakternya :D

  2. @ Syl: hai, syl.. ini jg coba2, tp penataanku msh plain nih, anak blm bs makan macam2, br umur 2 thnan soalnya..kalo liat bento kamu dan yg lain, colorful bgt.. musti byk bljr dari kamu nih..

  3. Cute little lamb! Kid's imagination might be slightly different from us hahaha ... No worries, you've done a great job for your bento (^.^)

  4. @ Lia: Thank u for your compliment :) I made the same dog shape for my friend's son, and he thought the dog was a pig...hahaha..