January 17, 2011

Mary Had A Little Lamb 2

My daughter is sick today, she had cough and cold so she didn't go to school. Today i cook chicken porridge for her because yesterday she asked me to cook it for her. She lost her appetite, but she really tried to eat her portion. Mama very proud of you, girl..

Yesterday, we watched Sesame Street Kids Favourte Songs, and again..she liked "Mary Had A Little Lamb". So i put 'egg lamb' in her porridge.

For my lunch, I made Mary :)

Inside the box: rice, nori, seaweed, siomay, kani rolled with egg, and stir fry pechay

For Papa's breakfast, i made him a shepperd dog sandwich.. :)

So from now on, when Mary goes to school, the lamb can play with the dog. lol :D


  1. Porridge can be cute too! You make the cutest Mary and the Little Lamb :)

  2. Thanks a lot, Lia.. i have to learn a lot from you

  3. Kreatif deh mbak, buburnya dibikin lucu gitu ^^
    Btw, blognya aq taruh di blogku juga ya (blogroll) mbak :)

  4. @ Syl: hai, syl.. iya nih..soalnya anakku lg demen sama sheep..xixixi.. boleh, silahkan..Thanks.