January 20, 2011

Hello Kitty for Elaine

As usual, i made breakfast bento for my husband. My husband doesn't like fish very much, but today i packed him tuna mayo sandwich, korean pear and cherry tomato. This morning, i opened tuna spread from one brand but i was so surprised why the shape was like a thin paste and the color was dark brown. I already knew my husband would not like it, luckily i still have tuna flakes from another brand, so i sauteed it in the pan and mixed it with mayo. When i asked him whether he liked the sandwich or not, he said yes..fiuhh...

When i made my husband's breakfast, i tried to figure out what will i make for Elaine's lunch? While i put the tuna mayo inside the bread, i saw Elaine's Hello Kitty  toy on the table and yes..i've got an idea.. I will make Hello Kitty lunch for her.
Because i don't have Hello Kitty mould, so i mould the rice using cling wrap, it's still out of shape but Elaine was satisfied with the result and she could describe it as Hello Kitty. ;)

Inside the yellow box: rice, cheese, eggsheet, nori, broccoli, carrot, steamed tofu

In the bowl: Indonesian style braised beef and potato


  1. what a lovely Hello Kitty.
    I adore it too :)

  2. So cute!! I need to try the egg sheets. ;-)

  3. @ Linsey: Hi Linsey, thank you for dropping by to my blog. Yes, you should try the egg sheets, you can make many shapes with it. I'm also still learning how to make smooth eggsheet. :)

  4. nice opinion... thanks for sharing....