January 15, 2011

Not So Green Frog

Yippie..It's Saturday, the day i can comforting myself from 5 routine days activities. After took a shower in the morning,i  turn on my laptop and watched "Mary Stayed Out All Night" (Korean Drama ) until 10.00am.. it was so relaxing.. :)

Today i only made bento for Elaine. I used the tips from Lia Chen to make the green rice from spinach, because i don't have  edamame. I think i put too many rice in the mixture, so the color was not green enough. Since it was my first time to make the green rice, i'm satisfied with the result. Thank you for the tips, Lia.. :)

Elaine's lunch for today...

Inside the box: green rice, cheese and nori for the face details, stir fry napa cabbage, indonesian pork barbecue, tamagoyaki, and carrot.

When i looked at the picture, i think my food arrangement was really bad.It would be better to use lettuce or brocolli as a baran instead of pink container and use food pick instead of cherry tomato.

And the last one, i have to learn how to make a good food photography.. :D

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